Without a Joey around to ground the proceedings, Jace, Kevyn and Max go hog wild broaching all types of TOO HOT FOR TV TOPICS, including Jace’s mysterious rivalry with John Carmack, Max’s consumption of malicious liquids and Kevyn’s endless pursuit for a copy of Tai 3. Will these three narrative threads tie together in a freak coincedence the likes of which podcasting has ever seen? No, but the boys do uncover a secret related to Club Penguin and Julian Assange that is so revelatory, so MIND-BOGGLING that you’d be crazy NOT to believe it!

Also, they talk about some video games a bit, like Breath of the Wild, NieR Automata, and I guess Star Wars Battlefront? Again? Whatever. It’s Sky Pirate Studios, here to make your 2017 have that sugar & spice it so desperately needed.