Hi everyone! Hope you all had an especially SPOOKY Halloween? Well, if you didn’t, you must’ve missed out on our announcement on Twitter – Help! I’m Haunted was released on the App Store on Halloween, October 31st!

Purchase Help! I’m Haunted here!

Players will jump, dodge and shoot through level after level of old-school platforming action. When Harry gets the call, he has to rush to the scene and start shooting the place up, whether it’s a creepy campsite, a spooky school, a frightening farm or a restaurant rife with the restless dead!

So far the response to Help! I’m Haunted has been truly great and it’s been amazing for us to finally see players out there blasting away all manner of creepy foe and fright across Neo-Transylvania

One more thing before we go: PC fans, we hear you! We are working on the PC version of Help! I’m Haunted with hopes of releasing it as soon as it’s ready.

Thanks for playing, and have fun!

— Sky Pirate Studios