Bouncing off of their seminal “Flubber” episode, Jace and Kevyn are back again to talk all things Riverdale, Archie, and Archie comics. Recalling our contractual obligation to discuss games in the show, we share our thoughts on Terry Bogart entering the Smash Bros. fray, the stress of delivering Hot Wheels in the grim future of Death Stranding, the President of the United States’ wild journey into Ni no Kuni 2, and Jace’s very favourite game that he loves the most, Knack. We cap it off talking about our Game Club game of the week, rogue-like shooty-time Monolith, before capping off the day with some QnA which quickly takes a turn into revealing EXCLUSIVE secrets behind such rare Australian treats. Uncover the mystery of Bertie Beetle today with Sky Pirate Radio!