Help! I’m Haunted Beta Testing

Hi there everyone! For the past few years we have been working on our very first game, Help! I’m Haunted – If you’d like to know a bit more about this project, I’ll give you the lowdown!

Help! I’m Haunted is a spooktackular run ‘n gun romp of blue collar exorcism through the sinister streets of Neo-Transylvania. Armed with an unlicensed arsenal of cosmic destruction, Harry B. Spooked must bust spectres, banish witches and blast away all else that goes bump in the night to prevent the city from crumbling beneath him.

We have begun to take applications for our closed beta of Help! I’m Haunted! We’re very excited to finally get people playing our game and helping us out with feedback as we ramp up to its release. If you’d like the opportunity to be one of a select few to test our game, all you have to do is sign up to our mailing list and you’ll be the first to know when we’ll be sending out applications. We will also invite you to our
super cool, exclusive Discord to give us feedback and help us do away with those pesky bugs.

Click here to sign up to our mailing list!

Once again, big thanks to everyone for the continued interest in Help! I’m Haunted. We’re so excited to give y’all an opportunity to sink their fangs into our game and let us know what you think!

Ep. 27 Total Gamer Reunion Tour 2017 Feat Dan Staines and Patrick Alexander

Ep. 27 Total Gamer Reunion Tour 2017 Feat Dan Staines and Patrick Alexander

Sky Pirate Radio is back, and this time we brought some very special guests with us – games critic and scholar Dan Staines and cartoonist Patrick Alexander! (hyperlink name to his twitter) We discuss what they have been up to recently, including Patrick’s upcoming Tobias & Jube comic and Dan’s work at Concordia University in Montreal, before getting down to the nitty-gritty discussing both Dan and Patrick’s work in the unrelentingly hilarious and irreverent video game magazine Total Gamer, as well as the importance of its predecessor GBA World. We also chat some about the rise and fall of their website and semi-Total Gamer sequel Eegra, before topping of with a discussion about the importance of managing creativity and marketing to make a living doing the things you love.

TL;DR, Jace fanboys out for an hour and twenty minutes.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dan and Patrick’s work on Total Gamer and GBA World, you’re in luck! Jace has prepared a crash course on them with scans of stuff we mentioned in the podcast right here!