Join Jace and Kevyn on a phonic journey of globe-trotting proportions as we start things off with an update on our next hot new video game project, before moving on to relay Kevyn’s discoveries on his great tour of America!
From the hallowed halls of GDC to the spiralling towers of Disneyland, mysteries abound on Kevyn’s trip, and all is not what it seems… will Jace finally discover the unknown whereabouts of the Noid? Can Kevyn survive a lethal attack from an animatronic snake on the Indiana Jones ride? Are there any good pastrami places in Melbourne? With a cryptic clue from the Starlord’s private dance party as their guide, our two agents of chaos strive to answer every last question that itches in your minds eye, including exciting theme parks, relaxing camping, and disconcerting 3D apparitions of the Simpsons. Sky Pirate Radio: it’s volleyball, baby!*

*This episode of Sky Pirate Radio is brought to you by the sport “Volleyball”.