The Sky Pirates are finally coming of age in their 21st episode celebration. Joey plays Golf With Your Friends, and he plays a golf video game as well. Kevyn reminisces about the rise and fall of Rise of Tyrants, but moves on from his mourning to talk about Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes. Max plays the Titanfall 2 beta and old Star Wars games for some reason. Jace is confused about Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. This is bookended by a discussion about the fantastical The Endless Express, before the boys pitch games about bloodphobic cowboys, phantasmic cowboys and the Atomic Collapse. This isn’t your daddy’s Sky Pirate Radio.

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Music used in this episode:
Taro Kudo – Unkai (Axelay, SNES)
Hiromi Shibano – March of the Metal Marines (Metal Marines, SNES)
Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, Haruo Ohashi – Carson City (Wild Guns, SNES)